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Nepal is land locked Himalayan Kingdom and richest countries in the world in terms of bio- diversity due to its unique geographical position and latitudinal variation, lies in between two Asian giants; China and India. Nepal is a country of amazing extremes. It is small in size but huge in terms of its diversity from world’s highest attractive peak of the earth to steaming jungle. The elevation of the country range from 60 meter above sea level to the highest point/ range on earth, Mt. Everest at 8848 meter, within 150 km aerial distance. Here are 1300 peak above 600 meter, 8 mountains among the top 10 highest peak and more than 200 peaks higher 6000 meter lie in the Himalayan region.

Nepal is one of the most beautiful as well as an amazing dreamlands paradise in the world. It is a country of rich flora and fauna, rich cultural heritage, home of world’s highest mountain (Mount Everest), spectacular Himalayan range, towering pagoda, ethnic and topographical diversities, historical cities, lush forest plains where we can observe the great one- horned rhino, lordly tigers and many other animals. Nepal is an ultimate tourist destination and it’s played importance role which is matchless any country of the world. Kathmandu is the capital with its historical and cultural heritage where we can explore old palaces with wood carved windows and doors are sculptures, Buddhist monasteries and Gumbas and Hindu god and goddess.

Nepal is probably the most famous destination in the world for a growing range of outdoor activities, covered in a separate section of this guide. Trekking from village to village through the hills and up into high Himalayan valleys is an experience not to be missed. The scenery varies from cultivated terraces to lush rhododendron forests to glacier-capped peaks.

We hope that after reading this very brief introduction about Nepal, you are all set to make a trip to this paradise and build some most memorable experiences of your lives. Please go through the various information Nepal Glacier Treks has here on this travel guide.

Nepal at Glance

Area: 147,181 sq. km

Location: Situated between China in the north and India in the south, east and west

Capital: Kathmandu

Population: 26.49 million

People:  Nepal has 125 caste/ ethnic groups and 123spoken languages.

Language: Nepali is the national language; trekking and travel agency people understand and speak English and other multi language as well.

Religion: Nepal is a secular state with a pre-dominance of Hindu and Buddhist population.

Currency: Nepali Rupee

Political system: Federal Democratic Republic, Multi Party System 

History: Before 1768 AD, there were more than 200 small kingdoms in Nepal. The Kathmandu valley was ruled by Malla dynasty. In 1768 AD, there was a campaign of national integration lunched by King Prithivi Narayan Shah who unified and made modern Nepal. The monarchy exists no longer in Nepal.

Climate: Nepal has four major seasons; (1) winter: December-February, (2) Spring: March-May, (3) Summer: June-August, (4) Autumn: September-November. Monsoons are from June till mid September, and Nepal can visit the whole year round.

What to wear: Light weight clothing is recommended from May through October. Warm garments are required in October-March. An umbrella or raincoat is a must for the rainy season.

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