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It is inaccessible Buddhist Empire, called the land of the Thunder Dragon and the hidden Kingdom. There are many attractive sights to visit, that is really fantastic and awesome. Bhutan offering including the famed “Tiger Eye”, snowcapped peaks, unbelievable monasteries, lush green mountain valley along with diversity of flora and fauna. The Thimpu is capital city of Bhutan as well as modern city; however once you leave the capital, the beautiful place has not changed greatly in a thousand years. The government of Bhutan, now fully allows visiting his kingdom and its unique culture, lifestyle and eye- catching Himalayan beauty. Nepal Glacier Treks is best and reliable to be one of the leading companies to offer sightseeing in to this wonderful beauty as well as mysteries land.

The country has three main tribal groups: Sharchops, Ngalongs and Lhotshampas, they have a unique, deep and rich culture as well as traditions. That why, it is one of the most exotic tourist destinations in the world at present. This beautiful country offers a limited number of people to visit, that the environmental worth will not be damaged as the culture endures. It has still quite untouched beauty, which only adds to its mystique. The Mahayana Buddhism is the official state religion, and is the only kingdom in the world where it is selected as such. The country always requires to wear their own national custom and there is western influence has really tiny impact here.

The Bhutan always welcoming you to visit; but the best time to travel here from late September to late November; during this season, the skies is incredibly clear with attractive white snowcapped Himalayan peaks. You can also travel Bhutan before the summer monsoon seasons begin, that March to May. We provide you best and higher level service during the tour as well as trekking. Accommodation will be comfortable luxury hotel in Bhutan. All tour and trekking trip will be led by experience as well as licensed holder guide. Our experience and connections will guarantee you of smooth and lifetime memorable trip into the land of Thunder Dragon. Please call or write e-mail us in order to your holiday trip to Bhutan.

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