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Bunjee Jumping
Bunjee Jumping

Bunjee Jumping

Bungee jumping in Nepal is growing its popularity over years. And why should not it be? After all, Nepal is the home to arguably the world’s best bungee jumping site in the world. The site exists 160m height above the deep canyons of wild Bhote Koshi River, near to Nepal- Tibet border. Just imagine what it would be to take once in a lifetime fall of 240m on a canyon swing at the voracious speed of 150kmph.

This is the only bridge in Nepal that is owned as a private property. It is also one of the longest suspension bridge in Nepal. Expert members from Switzerland were hired while making this steel bridge. We all know how the Swiss team is known for their precision. This bridge has a safety factor of four times the weight of bridge which should give us comfort regarding the safety of the bridge. Fulfilling the social responsibility, locals have been given free access to the bridge so that they can easily cross the notorious Bhotekoshi River gorge without having to put their lives under stake.

How to reach Bungee jumping site?

Representative from Nepal Glacier Treks will pick you up at Tribhuvan International Airport or from the location at your convenience. Heading north, you will follow Araniko Highway for about 4hrs to reach the bungee jumping site. You will later be dropped back at your desired location. 

Bungee jumping packages
Bungee Jump package is for single, While Tandem swing package is for couple. You can combine Bungee Jump with rafting or Kayaking at Bhotekoshi River or you can take mountain biking. The price of Bungee jump is reasonable. It is cheap than bungee in most of the other countries. The cords are color coded. You can select the cord according to the weight of your body. There is a green cord, a red cord and a black cord for light weight, heavy weight and heaviest.

If you are under 18, you will need an approval from guardian who is present at the site for bungy.
General health will be checked by the doctor present on the site before approval of bungee. If you are suffering from heart disease or from blood pressure or if you are a pregnant woman, you will not be allowed permission.

This is only a guideline and the days can be customized to meet your needs.

Trip Fact

Starting Price
  • Trip Duration 1 Day
  • Destination Nepal
  • Max Altitude
  • Trip Grade
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