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Panch Pokhari is the best tourist destination for travel to the monsoon season, which lies in the north of Kathmandu. The land is situated almost 4200 meters from sea level and is also popular as the 9th highest wetlands in the world. The Panch Pokhari is combined with five holy lakes, where “PANCH means five and POKHARI is Lake”. The five Lakes is really attractive where travelers feel to reach heaven.

The Panch Pokhari has situated 16th position amongst 100 destinations to must visited for “VISIT NEPAL 2020”. Travelers must visit once in their life to Panch Pokhari. It is a pure pilgrimage destination where the month of August celebrates JanaiPurmina Mela (Carnival). Experience a typical culture, landscape, flora, fauna, and shamanism in Panch Pokhari.

                                                                                      TREKKING IN PANCH POKHARI

The Panch Pokhari Trek/ Tour is also the perfect and most famous for those Buddhist and Hindu pilgrims. The Janai Purnima Mela (carnival) is one of the popular traditional carnivals of Panch Pokhari in the monsoon season. A huge number of native visitors visit the region from the different districts during the Janai Purnima Mela.

Nepal has an unlimited monsoon Trekking route amongst them Panch Pokhari is also the best place to visit and experience in Nepal Himalaya. The travelers might also visit Upper Mustang, Gosaikund Lake, Upper Dolpo, Manaslu, and more regions of Nepal in the monsoon season. The route of Panch Pokhari is easy, few local guesthouses or homestay facility available during the monsoon season the only month of mid-July to mid-august otherwise we must operate a camping trek/ tour in Panch Pokhari.

                                                                            NASIMPATI, PANCH POKHARI

There are two ways/routes to access Panch Pokhari, a 10-13 days camping trek starts from Chautara, and a 5-7 days short trek either camping or local teahouse tour starts from Bhotang via Sankhu, Melamchi, and Dhap. Now, huge national and international tourists travel to Panch Pokhari from Melamchi by Local bus. The bus easily gets from Narayantar, Jorpati in Kathmandu to Bhotang then starts a hike up to Panch Pokhari.

The season of monsoon is quite green everywhere greenery sights might be seen. The journey is an enjoyable and more diverse experience than the rest of the months. We offer you to come and visit Panch Pokhari once in life during the monsoon or any season. Your true and reliable partner in Nepal Himalaya, join us and explore inner Nepal with us. We will make your holiday such a lifetime experience.