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What to pack for Trekking in Nepal Himalaya?

 What to pack for Trekking in Nepal Himalaya?

While trekking in Nepal Himalaya you must be ready to pack before leave. With confidence, trekking is different as a reason and mountain. Therefore, you need some personal equipment list for trekking in Nepal. If you are going to climb the mountain, there would be need to pack some heavy equipment but no need heavy and fancy gear to trekking in Himalayas. So always read travel book and take an advice from nearby your local tour, trekking agency before leaving home and departing in the mountain. Not only Nepal, we recommended you whenever go but be careful and do not forget to pack personal gear before travel any country. At this time maximum trekking in Nepal is Teahouse (Guesthouse to Guesthouse Trek) trekking, thus trekking in Nepal not necessary to bring camping equipment moreover. One seasonal sleeping bag you should bring to use in guesthouse.

Nepal is paradise for trekkers, while they arrived in beautiful country then feel doesn’t want to go back. It has so many eye- catching nature beauty that always attracting to travelers. There are lot of amazing trekking destination which is very popular in the world. Namely, Everest Base Camp, Langtang valley, Annapurna Base Camp, Mustang, Dolpo, Manaslu, Kanchanjunga, Rara Lake and many other trekking. These all trip can possible by foot walk and not required luxurious equipment such as ice axe, rope, crampons and other technical gear. Don’t be confuse and take it easy always trekking in Nepal Himalayas. We Nepal Glacier Treks recommended that help you for packing trekking equipment is very important in the mountain. The following equipment is really necessary to bring for trekking in Nepal Himalaya. Which is very essential gears and given below:


  • Light weight hiking boots: one pair of simple, well broken in, flexible hiking boots is pretty enough which is quite better than sports and converse shoes that rather a limited have done these trekking.
  • Hiking socks: Maximum trekking path of Nepal head up thousands of meters which is you need to encounter various climate and topography in the mountain. Therefore, pack those thick and thin socks, minimum two pair each. Socks must be synthetic, liner, light weight, warmer and capilene for trekking.
  • One pair sandal or flip flops: It is an easy for walking around teahouse, you can use especially in washrooms or toilets. Crocs are would be better in the mountain.
  • Crampons: This is not compulsory necessary but sometimes crampons helps to cross the snow covered high passes. Therefore, while trekking during late November, almost winter. And remaining season can do without crampons.


  • Four- five Underwear (UW), keep away from the cotton.
  • Two pairs light weight long underwear, capelins or other synthetic.
  • One pair shell pants, full zip from top and bottom- synthetic preferable.
  • Two pairs hiking pants- zip on/ off at the knees
  • One pair cotton pants (loose jeans)
  • One pair hard shell pants. Waterproof and breathable, Gore- Tex or same is better. It is must be zip from the top and bottom
  • All clothing must be kept dry using waterproof luggage sacks or resistant plastic bags.


  • Hat or Cap: You must bring comfortable and light cap. You should bring balaclava wool or fleece hat for sun protection during the trekking. The Sunhat and winter hat is one of each for the sun and cold.
  • Windproof Jacket: While trekking in the mountain, particularly in the evening and morning expect cold winds as well. Pack a good windproof jacket for safety and please bring following gear;
  • One fleece jacket or warm wool jumper
  • One down Jacket (optional)
  • Sunglasses or goggles: It is very important during the snowy times and sunny day, your eyes will protect from the cold wind in the high mountain.
  • Warm gloves: You should bring wind proof gloves for safety. Pack a pair of thick and thin gloves. If all are windproof then will be better.
  • One large handkerchief and bandana for neck protect
  • One headlamp or torch with additional batteries for nights while trekking
  • Clothing: You can pack comfortable and light cloths for mountain trekking. There not always be cold but weather changes from low to high land. Therefore, you need some full shirt and trousers that protect you from the sun and cold.
  • Pack some trekking t- shirt and long sleeved shirts but not cotton.
  • One pair warm and thermal shirts, if possible fleece shirt will be better for colder regions.
  • Women sports bras, Synthetic but avoid cotton clothing
  • Two pair nylon day hiking shorts avoid cotton only soon drying types.
  • Raincoat: Nobody knows what time mountain weather change. Suddenly can fall rain or snow during the trip, thus pack very light raincoat or rain jacket to your list of equipment. Buy one that can be easily packed up into a little package.
  • Undergarments: Pack around four to five pairs of comfortable underwear. We cannot say how much it helps you to have suitable undergarments. You should buy trekking underwear. This underwear will be good for hiking but not only hiking, any types of physical movement like sports, exercise etc.

Essential Miscellaneous

  • Toiletries: This is also very important in the mountain, pack toothbrush and paste, some rolls of toilet paper, towel, soaps, shampoos, shaving cream, baby wipes, lip balm or cream, sunscreen, moisturizer and sanitizer. Please don’t throw anywhere, must keep all duty things in plastic bag.  These thing will be protect from sun, dry air and always pack while climb higher mountain. It is small thing but work very essential in trekking.
  • Seasonal sleeping Bag: Teahouse trekking in Nepal, the local guesthouse provide you a single blanket during the trip but it’s not keep you warm enough in higher elevation. Sometimes during the mountaineering seasons, you should not even get one. Therefore, one seasonal sleeping bag must be pack in your list of equipment. But not heavy only light and warm sleeping bag. It is also can use, if room is full and sleeping any places available like dining room. Don’t forget to bring one light sleeping bag.  
  • Trekking Poles: Large number of trekking in Nepal involves of steep ascents and descents. This trekking poles will support walk up and down, also help for knees at that time.
  • First Aid Kit: While moving head to higher, sometimes suddenly get mountain sickness during the trip. It is very important, ensure that keep always in the trekking bag. These First Aid Kit service also provide you trekking, tour agency while trekking with them.
  •  Ibuprofen for general headaches and other pains.
  • Extra power Excedrin for altitude related headaches.
  • Peptobismol or Immodium capsules for diarrhea or upset stomach.
  • Diamox (usually recommended as acetazolamide), 125mg or 250mg tablets for high altitude sickness. We suggested you, before starting to take this medicine discuss with your trek or tour leader.
  • Water Purifiers: This is a very important things while trekking in remote areas. But now you will get safety mineral water in the mountain, if you carry water purifier then make things quite easier throughout these longer trip.

Miscellaneous, but Important!

  • You must bring your travel insurance, valid passport and four copy of passport sized photograph.
  • Airline ticket (before trekking in the mountain, make a copy and leave one copy at our office in Kathmandu. In case you need to change the date of your flight)
  • Strong wallet/ bag for keep money, passport and travel documents.
  • Swiss Army type small pocket knife
  • Your favorite snack food, only two pounds (optional)
  • Novel books, mp3 players and playing cards (there are numerous of places where you can recharge). Always remember keep these things light weight (optional)
  • One large SLR and one light weight shoot camera. Digital camera is ok, however you must keep the batteries warm when it is not in use (optional).
  • Binoculars (Optional).
  • One small stainless steel thermos, its keep water warm in the mountain (optional)
  • Drinking tube and tube insulator with hydration bladder (optional)
  • One pee bottle for men and one pee funnel for women, sometime people doesn’t want to go outside from the tent or bed. Cause is heavy snowy and chilly late night trip, (optional)

The above information and list is only a guide. While you are required to bring all on this list, there are huge options, version of each piece of gear and brands as well. You can find the best gear with your experience. Some of the above equipment could be found in store with cheaper prices in Kathmandu.

NOTE PLEASE: Figure- hugging and tight fitting clothing, especially for women such as those made with Lycra can regularly be violent to locals. So please find these stuffs as a comfortable with base layer, and pack extra clothing to wear on the op of them.

The above information is ample for most trekking routes in Nepal. But what to need pack in fact depends on when start and where want to go you trekking. Before departing trekking in the mountain, enquiry a little about the place you will be moving and consult with any trekking agencies to improve or withdraw some essentials. These all things to pack for trekking in Nepal Himalaya.