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Cable Car in Panch Pokhari | Panch Pokhari Tour

 Cable Car in Panch Pokhari | Panch Pokhari Tour

The heaven-like place Panch Pokhari (Five sacred Lakes) is ongoing to be featured with grand facilitation or that is the service of cable car within 3- 4 year. It is a 6. 5 km long and one and only highest Cable Car across Nepal. The Panch Pokhari Cable Car, probably the most happiness loaded news to all the locals as well as to the entire traveler around the globe. The place which is being idolized day to day because of its immersing naturalistic views and for its pristine holiness fulfilled lakes. This place is quite near from Kathmandu city and is one of the honoring sectors of Sindhupalchok district. It is situated at the height of 4100m above from the sea level acquiring incomparable finest natural sight sceneries along with attached religious scenario. If any of visitors do talk about the periphery then more often do admire about the local’s rich cultural theme, multi-ethnic groups and biodiversities filled habitations. There we can also found the rarest plant in the world, namely sunpati and dhobi which is used for its aroma during the rituals of worshiping. 

                                                                     FIVE HOLY LAKES IN PANCH POKHARI 

Those beautiful sketches lane throughout the jungles and that beautiful floral prairie all over, surreal stretch any of traveler's eyes pleasurably. Although heart deep downing water springs alongside the way, those cool breezy air winds and the dew cap over the head during the ascending height of journey truly mean a pleasing moment of life. Especially this place seems more crowded during the full moon day of August, here in Nepal all the Hindus and Buddhist celebrates Janai Purnima. On the occasions of this day, most of the people make a pilgrimage to Panch Pokhari to pay homage to Lord Shiva after taking a bath through the sacred water of lakes sensing as purifying their soul and for the forgiveness that they had made during the past. As per their ancient traditions, they do also change the Janai (sacred threads) and have a soup of kwati (sprouted beans) to regain their energy. Overall these festive, rituals and culture are interrelated and are the major identifications of this place, so because to make a grand celebration, to collect the beautifying moments of life and to observe the simple livelihood of this region making a visit is one of the best decision ever of any traveler.

                                                                               TEMPLE OF PANCH POKHARI 

Well! Panch Pokhari has obtained an eye captivating and soul capturing monumental assets which are in need of the supportive promotions to protect its significances aspect for up to the next generations in the future. So collaborating with the new technological era the actions have initiated and step out of procurement expecting with the prompt actions of cable car service. This work is a bit challenging too because of the unstable and bit dangerous geographic structure laid down here but we know “It always seems impossible until it’s done”, the one Beautiful referential quote by our legendary sir Nelson Mandela. Truly this statement is being helpful for this suspicious and daring project to the leader of this region. 

                                            SHAMAN (BOMBOO) DANCE DURING THE JANAI PURNIMA MELA

Firstly this thing was only an imagination of people mankind but now this is going to be possible by the optimist hustler of local’s leader. As during the past time the traveler was so compelled to use that drawn small lane throughout the giant cliff and have to struggle for several days for the proper lodging and food. Though in recent days few of these problems have been cut off due to the establishment of temporary locals’ tea houses, serving very essential serves to the guest on the seasonal time. By then this news is so much beneficial for both the locals business and for the tourism sector of the country. In addition, this is also intending for making as loud promotions tool of the significant religious insight of Panch Pokhari all around.


Yet life is a beautiful journey, just we need to add colors and dedications for better steps to make full of told stories. So as per considering each people essence of life, it is the best practice for synchronizing with their wishes. Hope the news of Panch Pokhari Cable car could be the most preferable decisions of the traveler because it offers for the very short trip to long trip as per preference.  The short trip is perfect for those who are being expected for a trip of making a religious sightseeing tour along with possessing of the new experiment of fun riding at the new places within a certain period of time.  Moreover than this long trip is equally appropriate destinations for the trekkers because it rewards the real fun of wandering into nature and refining each soul through it. It’s an extract way to finding the right moment of life. Finally we Nepal Glacier Treks team will be waiting for this huge opportunity to share with you people for the grand celebrations. Thank you