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Mount Kailash Tour

Mount Kailash Tour is the journey towards pristine Lake called Manasarovar along with sacred Mount Kailash. Mount Kailash Tour will take the visitors into the far flung Western Tibet by providing attractive and alluring natural exquisiteness. Likewise, Mount Kailash Tour highlights the imminent to Tibetan Buddhist way of life and prospect to view the authentic natives of Tibet. An elevated altitude covered by Mount Kailash is 5,670 meter. Due to the presence of Mount Kailash, the remote western corner is counted as the fascinating destination for tourists. While talking about the feature of Mount Kailash it is appear as the black mountain which contains 4 vertical walls along with the snow capped apex. 

Mount Kailash is well-known as personification of the mythical Mt. Meru and it is supposed to be the most hallowed mountain in the whole world. Mount Kailash has its own religious implication which consist 2 turquoise blue lakes Rakshesa and Mansarovar. Tibetans worship it as Kang Rimpoche while the devotees of earliest Bon Pa religion think it as the soul of Tibet.  Considering Hindu religion, Kailash is worshipped as the adobe of lord Shiva or ‘Sumeru Parbat’. Another best part of Mount Kailash Tour is the 4 Indian sub-continent starts from Kailash and they are named as Indus, Sutlej, Brahmaputra and Karnili. Going beyond the religious destination Mount Kailash is perfect destination for the nature aficionado who finds happy seeing extra ordinary species of birds, flora and wildlife. Thus, Mount Kailash Tour is identified as the center of creation, drawing the attention of scholars as well as scholars from different parts of nations.

Nepal Glacier Treks & Expeditions has promised to provide internally heartening, natural unique tour which will be proved as gratifying tour of being. Feeling the convenience of visitors, Nepal Glacier Treks & Expeditions has vigilantly designed 11 days of itineraries. We offers best and reasonable cost both foreigners and domestic travelers to Mount Kailash Tour. This Tour will be led by professional and multi- language guide in Tibet. We have been providing the best and higher quality service in the trip. We mission to quality service, where you can read and see review and feedback in the website what our customer say about us. May to September are the best month for the Mount Kailash Tour. The 11 day Tour, you will experience tour in Tibet with some great memories from the tour occupying the mind.

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