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Trekking in Nepal

Nepal is the most marvelous and impressive country for all trekkers that contains no other country in this entire world that can compete with Trekking in Nepal.  Trekking brings you all various opportunities to explore and can get access to the interiors Nepal’s rich cultural heritage, adventure trekking, travels areas and remote valley like Dolpo- a region behind the Himalayas. Here in Nepal lies the greatest concentration of the world’s highest peaks range. Trekking gives you the chance to explore, learn and develop a relationship with people you meet, see culture, traditional lifestyle of Himalayan people, unique flora, and fauna. You have enough time to stop whenever you want to talk, observe, and takes photographs.

Trekking is not just a particular destination but also the unique and dramatic journey itself. There are remote treks as well as the more popular modern treks where you will meet people from almost every nation in the world. Nepal's borders are very open, and we see visitors from Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, and the Americas. Nearly a million people come to Nepal every year to explore and observe the natural and cultural beauty of this great land. We can be called it’s the Disneyland of Backpackers, and is the only best way to observe and learn Nepal in its wholeness, to be in contact with the wild and dramatic landscape and the fascinating people who live here.

Nepal Glacier Treks & Expedition has been organizing a huge range of tours, trekking, and other popular activities packages itineraries. We have been giving the best service in the tourism industry and making friendship strong and long-lasting with our valuable clients. We have been providing high-quality treks, tours, and other popular Nepal activities with knowledgeable and experienced guides and tour/ trekking leader. We offer the best and reasonable cost with high-quality service and sharing our deep experience for all Nepal visitors. We have been following our valuable client’s feedback and review, get the opportunity to improve the company’s service. Nepal is a naturally beautiful and fantastic place to explore and other activities. So this is the best company in Nepal for your excursion.

There are two different types of trekking:

Tea House: This kind of trekking is popular where treks where lodges are available. The basic idea of trekking is the same, but the style is totally different. Here you will have only guides and porters. You stay in comfortable accommodation in small picturesque villages and, delicious food on their menus and your guide takes care of all the arrangements for you.

Camping: This kind of trekking is an entire package of leader, guide, Sherpa, porters, camping gear, kitchen crew, equipment, and a whole mass of staff. Treks on more remote trails where everything is brought along with the group and food cooked along with the way. Treks can be as long or as short, as easy or difficult as you desire; we can cater to any age group and for any level of experience from novice through to well season adventurers.

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