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Patan Sightseeing Day Tour

Patan is also known as Lalitpur- the city of fine art and architecture is said to be one of the oldest and most beautiful medieval cities in the world. The artists have created many beautiful temples, shrines, and palaces in the Durbar Square. This is a wondrous place for to see historical and finest arts lovers. It is another largest world heritage site city after Kathmandu and Bhaktapur city and it is situated south- central part of the Kathmandu valley. Which is seven kilometers far and 25 minutes' drive from the Kathmandu; There are numerous important shrines one can visit such as Char Narayan, Bishwa Nath, the large rectangular three- storied Bhimsen temple, Chyasilin Dewal, the five- storeyed Kumbheshwar Mahadev, Golden temple, Hiranya Varna Mahavihara and many other monuments.

Patan is smaller in size but it includes a number of unique architectural styles. The most spectacular examples of Nepalese architecture in town framework. Appropriate in the hustling's center, Mangal Bazaar stands the famous palace of the Malla Kings well-known as Maningal Rajprasad, built in the period of the Lichchhavi era (an establishment in the first to 9th century). A highly inspiring and attractive monument is Lord Krishna's stone temple, positioned in a striking location in the Durbar Square compound. The King Siddhi Narasimha Malla made this temple in 1636. The Patan Krishna temple is indisputably one the optimum stone structures in the Kathmandu Valley and is, thus, of significant national reputation.

This sightseeing day tour is an important habitation to visit for the little period travelers to Nepal. This tour also provides you an ancient medieval kingdom's history, Nepalese art and architecture masterpieces and many other exciting places. We organize this wonderful tour to offer a glimpse of an ancient culture and history as well as Nepalese arts. This wonderful sightseeing tour will lead our professional city guide. During the trip, we will use a luxury private vehicle. We offer this trip with reasonable cost as well as higher level service. You will get sufficient opportunity to purchase authentic souvenirs, including Tibetan carpet, handicrafts, traditional painting Thankas on this trip.

Day01: Patan World Heritage Site Sightseeing including Durbar Square and many more ancient places.

Cost Details

Cost Includes
    • Hotel pickup and drop by private tourist vehicle.
    • Private tourist vehicle for the tour
    • An experienced licensed holder city tour guide.
    • All necessary entrance and monuments fees.
    • All government vat and tax.
    • All official expenses
Cost Excludes
    • Lunch and dinner in Kathmandu
    • Your travel insurance (Compulsory)
    • International flight from and to Kathmandu and departure tax
    • Any personal expenses (bar bills, drinks and other)
    • Nepal entry visa fees, US$25 for 15 days, US$40 for 30 days and US$100 for 90 days
    • Tip for guide and driver (Tip is axcepted)
    • Any others expenses which are not keeped on 'Price Includes' sector above. 

Usefull Info

Are you planning to holiday in Nepal? We suggested you to packing and arranging while you are at home. These little things are very important for travel in Nepal. Please note down these list details before leaving your hometown, this little tips will help you to make your Nepal journey enjoyable and lifetime memory.

  • You are suggested to make sure that your travel insurance, three copies of passport size photos and passport is valid for at least six months before leaving your hometown.
  • Before traveling, consult about visa processing.
  • Ensure two ways international flight tickets.
  • Do travel insurance; this is very important for travelers which will cover all emergency evacuation and external medical cost.
  • Before leaving your hometown, please inform your family and friends about trip and country.
  • Make sure and guess what your estimate travel budget then chose right and suitable destination.
  • Before traveling any country, read travel advice, buy guide book and study general information like, geography, culture, people, festival, religion, and weather, custom, political, rule and regulation)
  •  Before leaving home and preparing, note down travel check list.
  • In the travelling period, make copies of your important documents as a support in case you lose the originals.
  • Keep the bank and home’s number if you have a problem can call them to emergency. Call your bank for credit and debit- card to let them know about fees and your travel destination.
  •  Visit the doctor before traveling for your health report and take medicine and vaccine hence.
  • As soon as possible make reservations with advance payment, for accommodation, trip and local guides.
  • Better to learn and know some local and national language while travelling any country.
  • Always remember and follow to local laws, it is your responsibility.
  • Be aware to local culture, traditions and practices as your activities may be seen as unacceptable, unfriendly or also unlawful. 
  • Take off your shoes before entering someone’s house, temple, stupa or monasteries and somebody’s kitchen especially in remote areas.
  • You may not be permitted entry to the very old and inner sanctuaries Stupas and temples.
  • Ensure do not drink from other person’s glass or bottle and do not eat from other person’s plate. It is considered impure by Nepalese people.
  • Never touch anything with your foot. It is considered the much impure part of the body among Nepalese people.
  • In village areas, especially rural areas avoid skimpy outfits. Women should especially avoid dressing in skimpy outfits while travelling. You should cover your legs and shoulders.
  • Avoid bathing in public and never spit around stupa and temple site.
  • Some Hindu temple is fully prohibited for some western to enter. First of all take a permission before entering Hindu temple.
  • Take photographs only after getting permission for the person or object being photographed.
  • Avoid touching offerings or person when they are on the way to spiritual stupas.
  • You should not to touch offering or people when they are on the way to spiritual site.
  • It is make sure that never step over anyone body/ legs/ feet, when someone want to go and pass, you must pull own your legs.
  • You can’t export any antiques without taking special permitted and corticated from the department of archeology, if export stuffs over hundred years old such as sacred image, painting, manuscripts that are valuable for cultural and spiritual reasons will be illegal.

Some Nepali Words:

  • Nepali                 English
  • Namaste             Nepali form of greeting
  • Swagatam           Welcome
  • Dhanyabad         Thank you
  • Sundar                 Beautiful
  • Ramro                  Nice
  • Mitho                   Tasty
  • Fheri Bhetaula    See You Again
  • Shubha Prabhat  Good Morning
  • Shubha Din          Good Afternoon
  • Shubha Ratri       Good Night
  • Chiya                    Tea
  • Khaja                    Breakfast
  • Dal- Bhat             Rice and Lentil
  • Topi                      Cap
  • Himal                    Mountain
  • Khola/ Nadi         River
  • Pokhari                 Lake/ pond
  • Jungle                   Forest/ Jungle

Important Note

You are suggested to make sure that your travel insurance, three copies of passport size photos and passport is valid for at least six months before leaving your hometown. We request you, please book your trip as early as possible because if you gives us enough preparation time for your trip. It means your trip will be managed well and you will get full satisfaction from our services. And please ensure that you have got confirmation receipt from our company about your booking. If you need any special services and facilities that are not included in the listed itinerary, ensure that you have informed us about it at the time of booking. Would you want to book any other programs which are not listed in this website as tailor made package let us know by email; we will design it as per your travel need. Not really satisfied from this itinerary, you can make own and we will help you to make itinerary as per your travel need in Nepal.

This little information is a standard outline and guide of what we provide. This trip can be customized at your demand to accommodation your exact requirements.

Note: During the trip, weather, transport, local politics situation, strikes and numerous of other issues that are outside our control could result in change of itinerary. It is, but, very unlikely that the itinerary would be significantly different; if different itinerary are necessary the trek/ tour leader will resolve what is the best others. We discuss and observing the best interest of whole group. We can do everything to minimize its results, but we could not be responsible for the effects of delay and changes.

Trip Fact

Starting Price 65(per person)
  • Trip Duration 1 Day
  • Destination Nepal
  • Max Altitude 1400m
  • Trip Grade
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